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“Context is King” Part 3

There’s a common phrase people use at times when discussing a scripture passage that seems innocent enough but can have disastrous results. That phrase is “what it means to me.” We certainly should attach the Bible’s truth to our lives, however, we don’t have the authority to bend a passage’s meaning to fit our preference. It isn’t important what a passage means to me. What’s important is what it actually means. A passage has one

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“Context is King” Part 2

In understanding God’s word fully and accurately, it is important to understand it in the correct context. Today we’ll discuss different forms of literary context.  Just as in any literature, there are different genres and devices used to convey the message of the author. And they should be understood in light of them. We don’t read prose the same way we would read poetry and when metaphors are used, the reader is expected to look beyond

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“Context is King” Part 1

Knowing the context to any conversation or message can help us avoid misunderstandings and potentially huge mistakes. How many times have you heard half of a conversation and your assumptions to fill in the gaps led you down the wrong path? Knowing who said what to whom and for what reason can help us appreciate the true intent and meaning of what is said.  It’s the same when we read scripture. Knowing who wrote the text, to

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