“Own It” – 2 Sam 12:1-7a

2 Sam 12:1-7a

“And the Lord sent Nathan to David. He came to him and said to him, “There were two men in a certain city, the one rich and the other poor. The rich man had very many flocks and herds, but the poor man had nothing but one little ewe lamb, which he had bought. And he brought it up, and it grew up with him and with his children. It used to eat of his morsel and drink from his cup and lie in his arms, and it was like a daughter to him. Now there came a traveler to the rich man, and he was unwilling to take one of his own flock or herd to prepare for the guest who had come to him, but he took the poor man’s lamb and prepared it for the man who had come to him.” Then David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man, and he said to Nathan, “As the Lord lives, the man who has done this deserves to die, and he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.”

Nathan said to David, “You are the man!”

Talk about an awkward moment! Nathan was right and David was caught!

I won’t dare spend the time counting how many times my self-righteous attitude denied the magnitude of my sin compared to others. I would be embarrassed to know how many times I did not own my own faults. My mind doesn’t have the capacity to remember all the times someone had to call me out before I admitted to guilt.

Thankfully, in this moment, David owned his guilt and God began to restore Him. David experienced in real-time what He asked from God in Psalm 139:23, “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!”

Open your heart for God to do a search and if you have any sin, own it. If someone calls you out, own it. Don’t hand your guilt to someone else. It is yours to give to God.

Hey! This gives me a great sermon title with three points. Title: My Bad. Points: Open your heart, Own your sin, Obtain God’s grace. Tight! Huh?

While using the HEAR method (see below) consider the following questions: 
  • Has someone ever confronted you about a sin in your life? How did you respond? 
  • Have you ever prayed Psalm 139:23, that God would search you and know your heart? Take some time to do that this morning. 
Highlight – what words or phrases jump out at you? 
Explain – what does the passage mean? 
Apply – how does the passage intersect with your life today? 
Respond – how is God leading you to respond?
Pastor Stephen Williams

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