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This week we’ve been reading about the topic of temptation. We have all been tempted. In fact, Jesus was tempted. And He was God in the flesh! So we can learn how to handle temptation by reading how Jesus did, and we can draw comfort from the fact that we are in good company. The difference being of course, that Jesus didn’t fall when tempted. But we can draw comfort from the fact that He knows the lure of temptation, having experienced it personally, and understands the struggle. 

As you spend time with your small group look over the various passages and share with each other what God has shown you this week. Some of the issues you can discuss include: 

  • The temptation to put our own desires above God’s
  • The temptation of materialism
  • The temptation of notoriety and pridefulness
  • The temptation to cut corners and the importance of being on the journey 
  • How Jesus understands our struggle with temptation
  • and How God shows His mercy in the midst of our temptations
  • There are also questions at the bottom of most daily readings that you can draw on for your discussion as well. 

Use what you glean from your personal devotion time to share in the discussion with your group. If you aren’t in a group we’d love to help you connect with one. Contact or go to

Today’s post is by Jon Price

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