“Take In: 3 Avenues”

We’ve talked about the three avenues of “Take In” at Belmont – corporate worship, small group accountability, and personal devotion. Each of these avenues is important and when we skip one, we are missing out on an important part of our spiritual growth. 

In CORPORATE WORSHIP we build UNITY. We hear the vision of the pastor, get a sense of the direction of the church and participate in a large group experience that reminds us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We hope that you’ll join us this weekend in worship, on campus or online
In SMALL GROUPS we create COMMUNITY. We enjoy the blessing of community through discussion around the word, praying together, ministering to each other, and living life together. This reminds us that we need each other and can accomplish more together. If you’re not a part of a small group, we’d love to help connect you. Click to find out more.
Through PERSONAL DEVOTION we form HUMILITY. We take time in solitude focusing on and communicating with God through prayer and the reading of His word. This reminds us that we are not in charge, that His ways are higher than our ways, and that we exist to glorify Him. We have set up this website as a simple resource to help you with your time alone with God.
Our intention is to weave all three of these avenues together with the same scripture. The scripture that you read through the week in your time of personal devotion will be discussed in your small group time and will be reinforced through the message from the pastor each Sunday. What better way to stay connected with the fellowship and truly meditate and marinate in God’s word!

Today’s post is by Jon Price, Associate Pastor
photo by Sawyer Barret peopleilove.com



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