“The Loud Crowd”

Welcome to 2021!

It’s time to take a deep breath and look to our days ahead. This year our battle cry will be to LIVE LOUD!

Let’s look for ways to be courageous for Christ to those who are captive to fear and uncertainty. Not because we have everything under control, but because we are agents of the One who does.

It’s time to be audacious in our generosity and hospitality when our culture is telling us to hold on to what we have with both hands. Not because we are rich and without financial challenges, but because everything is His and He wants us to trust Him and reflect His bigheartedness.

It’s time to sew peace and calm when others entertain doom, gloom, and worst-case scenarios. Not because we’re naive to the troubles in our world, but because we’ve been commissioned to be the salve by the One who is already Victor over sin and death.

Will you step outside of yourself in 2021? Will you join us? Will you be part of the Loud Crowd?

Jon Price, Associate Pastor


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