“Truth in Advertising” – 2 Timothy 3:12

2 Timothy 3:12
“Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,”
Have you ever thought that Paul and Jesus totally missed some classes on how to market a product, especially, when they talked about persecution and surrender? It may have seemed that way, but great marketing is not always showing the comfort of a product. As a matter of fact, if a product is worth your life, you don’t have to do much marketing. Just tell the truth.
Paul first mentions that the world is wicked, then he says if you want to live godly lives, you are going to get hurt by the world. Verse 12 does not offer theory or a maybe. Pain is a reality, but keep moving forward.  
Living for Jesus requires your obedience, and your obedience is going to get you into trouble with the world. Yet, living for Jesus is worth the price. You have the tools, (the Spirit working through you, the Bible, each other, and prayer) to get you through. So, get in or get out.  
While using the HEAR method (see below) consider the following questions:  
  • Why do you think Jesus and Paul gave prospective disciples the promise of persecution instead of just focusing on the benefits? 
  • Do you think it’s better to face difficulties as a believer, knowing that Jesus and Paul warned of its coming? Why? 
Highlight – what words or phrases jump out at you? 
Explain – what does the passage mean? 
Apply – how does the passage intersect with your life today? 
Respond – how is God leading you to respond? 
Pastor Stephen Williams



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